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Electromagnetic aircraft ejection system - Key Technologies
The heart of an electromagnetic catapult is a linear induction motor more than 100 meters long, which drives the armature connected to the aircraft. At present, the armature is basically a U shaped aluminum block mounted on the 3 sides of the stator. The principle of linear motor is not complicated. It is assumed that a rotating induction motor will be split along the direction of radius and flattened, which will become a linear induction motor. In linear motors, the stator equivalent to the rotary motor is called primary; the rotor equivalent to the rotary motor is called secondary. In fact, linear motors can either make the primary or the secondary very long; they can either fix the primary or move the secondary, or they can fix the secondary or move the primary. However, the electromagnetic catapult does not work solely on linear motors. It has a total of forced energy storage devices, high-power power power control equipment, central micro-computer industrial control and linear induction motor.

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