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Exhibition 2019 Hanover Industrial Exposition Germany

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2019 April 1-5, the Hanover Industrial Exposition (HMI2019) with the theme of "Industrial Integration - Industrial Intelligence" opened grandly. Accel-tec participated in the exhibition as a brand company of Singapore Yishideng Group. Welcome people visit to us. Accel-tec Motor Exhibition will be waiting for you at E08 booth in Hall H16.

Our exhibits in this exhibition cover new types of linear motor with iron core, DD direct drive turntable, voice coil slider, etc. These products are currently mainly used in semiconductor, medical, optical image detection, numerical control and automation industries and other fields. Performance is more prominent, product design more to meet the needs of the industry.

In the combination of DD turntable and voice coil:
No. 1 voice coil slider can be used in medical and other fields.
Combination of No. 2 and No. 3 can visually show you a set of optical detection actions.
DD turntable No. 4 shows that it has the characteristics of small angle, fast response and high precision in semiconductor field.

Video Introduction of Exhibition


Exhibition 2019 Hanover Industrial Exposition Germany_Accel Technologies China

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