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What are the application fields of linear motors

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What are the application areas of linear motors?
A: Application classification: U-slot (without iron core) linear motor, flat (with iron core) direct drive motor, double-drive gantry system, precision direct drive motion - single axis / module, cross platform, XYZ and XYθ platform, sound Circle motor, torque motor.
Two: Products are widely used in: Laser processing equipment [such as: laser cutting / engraving / marking / drilling / scribing], semiconductor equipment [such as: semiconductor solid crystal machine / wire bonding machine / wafer probe station], precision CNC machine tools, electronic production equipment, precision testing equipment, medical equipment, 3D printing, industrial automation, materials, streaming systems and rail transit industries.
    1. Application in industry and automation Because linear motors have their own unique advantages, they are widely used in mechatronics in mechanical equipment and machine tools, such as linear motor driven punches, electromagnetic hammers, screw presses, and electromagnetics. Foiler, die casting machine and profile rolling tractor. The power source for reciprocating motion in machine tools - linear electromagnetic drive devices are used in machine tools such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, inserting, sawing, pulling, etc., replacing traditional mechanical transmissions. A linear motor driven X-Y table is also used in laser machinery and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. And a linear motor drive transmission line for the combined production of machine tools for the production of molten metal mixers on float glass production lines. Linear motor driven vacuum circuit breaker for use in power distribution, linear motor ferromagnetic separator for beneficiation. Electromagnetic pump, liquid metal agitator used in metallurgical industry. Linear motor driven electric shuttle, cutting device and various automatic instruments and electric actuators used in the textile industry.
    2. Application in the transportation industry Linear motor technology is an important application in the magnetic levitation train. It is a great breakthrough in the development of transportation technology. In addition, there are linear motor driven electromagnetic propellers, straight lines. Motor-driven subway, linear motor-driven highway high-speed electric vehicles, etc.
    3. Application in material handling and handling Linear motors have unique advantages in various material handling and handling, such as: linear motor elevators and elevators for vertical conveying; and linear motor-driven postal packages for flat conveying Material conveying of various industrial processing lines, assembly lines, testing lines, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. in sorting conveyor lines, baggage sorting conveyor lines, steel production conveyor lines, electrical, electronic, mechanical processing production lines, food processing lines, pharmaceutical production lines, etc. And the transportation of the three-dimensional warehouse, the scheduling of the three-dimensional car library, and so on.
    4. Application in civil and construction industry Linear motors are also widely used in civil and construction industries, such as: linear motor-driven door and door locks, windows and curtains, beds, dining tables, chairs, etc. Washing machines, dryers, drying racks, power tools, moving hands, tightening devices, etc.
    5. Linear motor in the field of computer and office equipment In computer optical drive equipment, input and output equipment, such as digital scanners, printers, are driven by linear motors. Linear motors such as drawing and pen recorders are also used in office equipment.
    6. In military, medical and other fields At present, linear motors have been applied to electromagnetic guns, submarines, and military simulation facilities, and some linear motors have been used in satellites and spacecraft. In medical instruments, linear motor-driven artificial hearts, blind tactile simulators, and linear motors have also been applied in electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, and massage. The toy industry also uses a large number of linear motors.

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