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Optical detection
For A0I automatic optical inspection industry, using linear motor to transport the detected materials which can improve the detection speed of materials and provide production efficiency. Compared with other methods of rotation, although the price is high, it brings more value.
A single linear motor shaft, driving the detected material.
Speed up to 2M/S, short detection time.
 Acceleration 15G, quick response.

Wafer marking
For laser marking industry, the laser marking precision of wafer is required to be high, and the shorter the marking time of single wafer is required, the better the positioning accuracy and speed of the platform are required, so linear motor is the most suitable choice.
XY two axes are linear motors.
300X300mm trip, maximum 8 inch wafer.
Positioning accuracy ±3 M
Acceleration 10g

Wafer sawing
It is used for laser cutting of LED wafer in LED industry. The repetitive positioning accuracy and positioning accuracy of the processing platform are required to be high, and the speed is stable. Linear motor drive must be used.
XY two axis linear motor, rotating shaft using nano motor for machining angle.
Positioning accuracy is ±1Hm
Rotation axis positioning accuracy 1/1000 degrees.
3-5 inch wafer can be cut.

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