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Laser Precision laser processing For laser processing industry, it can be used for laser integrated processing platform. A machining platform has functions of various processing platforms, and can be cut and punched at the same time. It has many functions, high utilization rate, and ···

Solar Energy

Solar energy Solar cell scribing machine Laser lithography for thin film solar cells requires high acceleration, high speed and stable speed. It is very suitable for using linear motors. A fixed Longmen structure, X axis for driving batteries, Y axis driven laser Acceleration 1g Maximum···


Logistics handling The continuous activity of logistics industry benefits from the wide application of intelligent logistics technology such as linear motor in large data forecasting, intelligent warehousing, sorting and path planning. The speed and accuracy of freight transportation are the ···


CNC Linear motor drive EDM machine Characteristics and advantages l  Under the condition of minimum driving equivalent, high speed and acceleration of servo motion are obtained. l  Super-high jump lifting cutter can achieve the highest processing speed, smooth discharge of cutti···


Aviation Electromagnetic aircraft ejection system - Key Technologies The heart of an electromagnetic catapult is a linear induction motor more than 100 meters long, which drives the armature connected to the aircraft. At present, the armature is basically a U shaped aluminum block mounted on ···


Optical detection For A0I automatic optical inspection industry, using linear motor to transport the detected materials which can improve the detection speed of materials and provide production efficiency. Compared with other methods of rotation, although the price is high, it brings more value···


Medical care Technological advances in pharmaceutical research, diagnosis and treatment are inseparable from high-performance precise positioning systems. It has been widely used in many fields, such as laser beam control, endoscopic three-dimensional imaging and a new three-dimensional lithogr···

Scientific Research

scientific research Experimental equipment for simulating crustal movement It is used for scientific research experiments in universities and institutes. Many scientific experiments often require high-precision positioning. Linear motors are very good choices. In addition, many colleges···

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